Rick Coito

Hawaiian artist Rick Kapi’i Coito’s specialty is traditional Hawaiian and contemporary Polynesian art.

Born and raised on O’ahu in the town of Mililani, his interest in art began modestly. He went from drawing on school desks to scarring friends in high school with inferior tattoo equipment. Realizing he needed to seriously improve his skills, he undertook an apprenticeship at the Polynesian Tattoo Factory in 2006.

Rick spent the next four years transforming himself from rank amateur into a professional tattoo artist. Since then he has tattooed in Japan, American Samoa and throughout the Hawaiian islands.In 2010 he joined the House of Ink tattoo crew where he worked in both the Kailua and Waikiki shops. RickĀ  believes it is his kuleana (responsibility) explore his roots, perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and produce art. Each tattoo Rick creates one of a kind and is hand drawn on the wearer. Rick is presently working at Monarch Tattoo Studio in Hau’ula.