Laura Naylor

Laura received her BFA in printmaking from the State University of New York- Purchase College in 2001. Upon graduating, she took a position teaching art at a public high school in New York City. In addition, Laura apprenticed with master printer Kathy Caraccio at K. Caraccio Printmaking Studio in New York, running artist editions, curating prints and maintaining the print studio. She relocated to Hawaii in 2003 where she took a position teaching at a local high school. Rather than continue Laura resigned and enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she received an MFA degree.

Working in her off time she began an apprenticeship at the Polynesian Tattoo Factory when it was located in Hau’ula. Initially seeking flexible employment in order to work while attending school, Laura developed an interest in Polynesian art and culture. She chose to leave teaching and instead has devoted herself to learning the tattoo business and the art of traditional and contemporary Polynesian designs. In late 2009 she went to work at House of Ink in Kailua. Laura spent the next two years working with House of Ink refining her technique and growing as an artist.

In 2012 Laura and her husband Michael decided to take the next step and return to Hau’ula to open their own tattoo studio, Monarch Tattoo.